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Nicole Williams

I was an average weight for my height for the majority of my life. (I had a couple of speed bumpsbut for the most part I was able to maintain a decent physique) When I joined the Navy I was in really good shape, but I've never been as fit as I am now.

My weight began to creep up as I started having children. I really didn't focus on it because I was focused on parenting and life in general. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with high blood pressure that it hit me that I was NOT in good shape and that my attitude and overall thought process had to change. I remember saying to myself this is NOT OK! My wakeup call was being told that my blood pressure was spiking due to being obese. My world came crashing down around me at the thought of being so unhealthy. For the first time in a long time my eyes had been opened to my current state and I was no longer in denial in regard to my weight. I didn't want to look good for having four children as I'd been told. I just wanted to look good because I put in work! After I was diagnosed with high blood pressure I began to take my health seriously. I decided that I had to really look at factors such as age, health, short-term goals, and long-term goals. I didn't want to be obese and uncomfortable any longer. I didn't want to be on medication for controlled high blood pressure.

I decided to put my thoughts to action by joining a local gym. I Initially researched articles on nutrition and proper eating, workout routines, and effective cardio routines. I studied the different methods of weight loss which brought me to determining if I wanted to simply get smaller of if I wanted to transform my physique. I went for the latter and immediately cut out soda as a sign to myself of dedication. I began performing cardio three times per week. I shot for 20 minutes initially on the elliptical as it was easier on the knees. If I could only complete 15 minutes, my goal was to complete 17 the next day. I used this philosophy for everything that I did and I still do to this day. I push myself all the time using wisdom and safety. I made a 30-day commitment to eat better, exercise three times weekly, and cut back on sugar. I'd lost 34 pounds three months later and I was hooked! I was self-motivated initially because although I was supported, I realized that without the knowledge others in my circle had no idea how to really support or motivate me forward. This fueled my desire to get into shape so that I could serve as a visual tool for others to do the same. I made my health my first priority and my overall appearance a close second!

I began looking at fitness websites and magazines to search for ladies that had physiques similar to mine. Visualization is a powerful motivational tool. I used it to stay on task. It took me approximately 8 months to lose 78 pounds. (Total lost is 97 since my original transformation) I accomplished this through educating myself. I also have ran 5k's and 10Ks. I have changed physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I perform cardio 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes. I use a mixture of HIIT training as well as low intensity cardio. I perform strength training during midday. I have a set workout routine for weight training that I change every 4-6 weeks depending on my goals. My weight training consists of isolating and working specific body parts on specific days. My total weight loss during my journey was 90+ pounds.

My advice to anyone wanted to lose weight is to educate and empower yourself! You can achieve anything you are willing to believe in and put action to. Plan and prepare yourself for success. Have a backup plan for failure to regain focus through positive reinforcement instead of feeling defeated.~Nichole

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  • Submitted On : 10 Feb 2018