Sample Workout


Sample Workout

upper body

Muscle Group:






Each workout plan comes with a detailed step by step description on how to perform each exercise.  It also includes a video demonstration and a downloadable printout of the workout so you can take it to the gym or on vacation.

Whats included

The workouts are designed based on fitness levels and goals.  Most of the workout provide standard and modified versions for those who may have joint issues that may prevent them from performing the standard version.
Meal plans are taught by a nutrition expert.  In many cases a starter sample plan may be provided until a more custom plan thats tailored to the participants individual goals and taste are created.
All of the team coaches are certified personal trainers who have experience with every fitness level.  Some trainers specialize in certain body types.




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This is a lifestyle transformation not a lifestyle change.  Change is improving on existing, transformation is turning into something totally different. So what we teach is a method to become someone brand new!

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